Looking for partners with operational experience preferably in the MidWest

I’m a park owner/equity investor looking to scale up in the MHP space but due to my W2 job, don’t have the time to find new deals, manage value add properties and be the boots on the ground. I need a partner that has a proven track record in turning around value add parks to their full potential. An ideal partner(s) would be someone proficient in cold calling/finding off market deals and being able to manage them efficiently.

My goals:

-Accumulate mismanaged, misvalued, but high quality assets

-Reposition them and refinance money out

-Generate alpha through through thoughtful and considerate management of that asset

-Hold that asset for long term cash flows (10+ years) and infinite returns

-Secure these assets through long term government/agency debt, which matches the time horizon and goals of my investment.

If my vision for a partnership seems like it may be a good fit, please feel free to reach out so that we can discuss further.


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I will send you an about I project I am working in Texas.


(936) 600-2433