Looking for Operators who own Parks in Indiana

We’re about to close on our first park in Indiana and are in search of a state compliant lease to use as a foundation. The current owner has been using what is essentially a boiler plate lease from staples, which I feel is insufficient.

And just to clarify, we will be engaging legal counsel in Indiana to finalize the lease agreement. Per the comment below left by “MHP”, this ask is to simply not reinvent the wheel. I prefer to be efficient with my time and see the merit on leveraging the valuable community here on the MHU Forum.



Hopefully this doesn’t come off too harshly but the optics of someone running a fund that promotes itself as a sophisticated national operator that then goes and uses a message board as a source for the most critical legal doc in the business would give me great pause as an investor or prospective investor.


@mhp, Your opinion is a fair one. However, I am of the mind that no matter how large a company becomes, there is still immense value by networking with fellow colleagues who are in the same space. We don’t work out of a silo and prefer to iterate and improve our business on a daily basis and one way of us doing this is by taking best practices from the 1,000’s of other highly experienced operators who frequent this forum.


I might be mistaken but doesn’t the Indiana MHA have docs that they offer as part of membership? I once got a packet from them when I thought I was closing or direct buy and thought there wasn’t one in there. Might be worth checking out.

I think what Kevin is doing is “Marketing” without “Advertising” that he is now buying parks in Indiana? Just look at the subject of the post?? I doubt it is what @mhp says, it is just a great marketing strategy. And is it working because look at how many people responded - Oh I’m caught up in it too!! LOL
Good Luck Kevin!!!

After two somewhat negative replies I just want to chime in and say that in my opinion the original post is completely reasonable. If I had parks in Indiana I would email Kevin a copy of my lease for his use.