Looking For Off Market in NM and CO

I’m looking for an off market park/campground in Northern New Mexico and Colorado. Less than $1M and rural. Thanks

Hi Mur, I’m under contract on one but got a lead on another while I was in town. D you have resources in the area? I may be looking for some help. Thank you!

I am on my way to ABQ tomorrow and have 6 properties to look at in northern NM and southern CO during the next week

That’s great, exactly where I was with the exception of ABQ.

Do you currently have any in the area?

Hey I’m looking for some small properties in that area also. Did you find anything that you were not interested in?

The only one was the off market I knew about, all the others were from crexie and did not inspire me. Not for sale, but pretty interesting - https://www.campv.com/

RANT: My biggest take away was the realtors that represent the buyers are horrible:

Delores, CO – Had been talking with the realtor for 5 months, emailed a week before, and the day before. No show, no one at the park to show, but talked with manager over phone. Realtor emails two days later and says “I didn’t think you were coming”.

Naturita, CO – Gen-Zer who is either scared or doesn’t know how to use a phone for calls. Tried to conduct business over text. Went to park and no one there, got a hold of manager who got a hold of owner (I had left by that time). Explained to them about their realtor, they said they would get me the info right away. Two days later realtor emails “Heard you had an(sic) chance to look at the RV Park in naturita(sic)and had some follow up questions.”

Taos, CO – Over the last two months emailed and called 2 of the 3 representatives. ZERO response.

WOWwhat a circus!
Thank you for your response.

@tomh Do you already have properties in that area?

No, I do not, but I live close enough to keep an eye on them.

I’m closing on 1 soon and may need your services here and there if you are open to it.