Looking for Money Partner/Accredited Investor for Park in Kansas City

I am a residential investor with 20 years experience making a transition into mobile home parks. Seeking a money partner for a turnaround park (23 lots) in Kansas City. Nice upside. We are finalizing our contract and will be ready to go. If interested, send me your email and I will send you details.

How soon is the funding needed and what could be the time frame of repayment?

Funding will be needed in November. We will refinance in 3-4 years depending on speed of turnaround. Feel free to reach out to me via email for additional information.

Please kindly drop your email.


Hello, did you do any business with Martin Fraser? [Fraser07] who claimed to be a lender

No. We did not close on this park. Too much work and capex.

We are currently funding for business start-up, project funding and working capital etc. If you have a viable project, we can give you funding at 2-5% rate depending on the project. contact us with your project summary via our email: medallionfinancing@outlook.com