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Hey AllI am new to this site and fairly new to MHP investing. I have never purchased a MHP before so not familiar with all the the terms or in depth MHP numbers. I am currently in the process of selling my SFR portfolio ($700-800k) and looking to either partner up with someone or buy one myself. I was thinking the midwest but open to all optionsAll info and questions welcome.arcontento@sbcglobal.net

Anthony -You will want to attend Bootcamp and read all the books available here (I believe you receive them all free when you register for Bootcamp).  That will get you familiar with all the terms and numbers of the business.We are raising an investment fund to acquire MHPs, and would welcome a discussion with you if you are an accredited investor.  Information may be found at www.parkstreetpartners.net/fund.  We have tailored investments for a few high net worth folks that have both invested with us and also been mentored by us.  These individuals help us turn around one or two MHPs over 6-12 months so they learn the business firsthand.  One of our mentees has learned enough from us over the past year that he’s already gone on to purchase his own MHP.To your continued success,-Jefferson-

I plan on doing the bootcamp. @jefferson I have also contacted you a couple times on BP. haven’t received a response yet.

Bootcamp would be a very good place to start.  Also, just reading Frank and Dave’s book the MHP 10/20 System would very helpful to your understanding.
Jim Allen

I am current on all my BP inbox messages.   By far, the better way to reach me is to email me directly at <jefferson at parkstreetpartners  [dot} net.Best,-jl-

Are you disappointed with SFH?      If you understand the SFH business that is a very good avenue to continue to make an excellent cash flow.       The park business is in the middle of extreme change that most will not recognize in 10 years.    We have seen more change in the last 5 years then in the prior 20 years.

carl,You’ve frequently mentioned how the good deals will be gone in a few years because of most moms and pops selling (which isn’t so bad if you buy now and hold). You also mentioned looking for decent sized parks (75+ lots? or somewhere in that area). So, could you please explain your praise for SFHs? Most of the biggest benefits of mhps don’t exist in sfhs, the sfh market is more crowded because everyone and their mother invests in them, and real scalability is a significant uphill battle. If someone just wants a little bit of extra income and they aren’t comfortable with other types of investments, a sfh or duplex could make some sense. But if they’re trying to build significant wealth and income? Eh…

We are diversified,  stock market, farmland, traded commodities, annuities, oil and gas, mobile home parks etc.      Our bottom line for making money was buying undeveloped farm land near large cities where we in ten years without expenses or labor more than tripled our money.     Some have done the same in the stock market etc.      As been mentioned by others putting some rubber on the road and knocking on doors can yield significant buys and like Loop Net their are many ways to become very wealthy.    Parks are a good way but not the only way to be on the level of Mr. Trump.     On a  side note  after arriving at the promise land we found that money was not a cure all but enjoyed more the challenge.

Do you still own farm land? Did you ever rent it out? This may not be the right forum but there is no other.
I have researched and found that for commodities farming if you rent the land the return is like 3-4%. Or do you just keep the land vacant?
I originally wanted to respond and say I hope you are right that the MHP biz will completely change in 10 years. At that point I hope to have my rents up and see cap rates at same level as for apartments.

Yes, and is rented but the value has more than doubled in ten years due to location.      I am still wanting to buy more parks of  75 spaces or more and my only partner for all our present operations is my wife.    So where are all those parks that cash flow (10 cap) that do not have rentals and their books are somewhat accurate.     One area that I have concern is that the sales od NEW MH is very low and most of them especially double wide are going on private land.     So as I look at parks for sale I notice window-air and the old style nearly flat roofs. and very few homes 10 years or newer.  At some point obsolescence will be a factor in some parks creating their own slums and why would someone want town a 30 year old worthless home that they must maintain–air-conditioning, roof, porches,  versus apartments that are maintained and very EASY to move about since we are becoming a very  transitory populas

transitory people.      I believe without new homes in some parks we will see a dramatic change in the people’s perception of living in parks.