Looking for MHP management company

Hi everyone,

We have two parks that we are looking for 3rd party full service MHP management.

We have tried onsite management, but we just have not been able to be successful with it.

Park 1. Moorhead, Minnesota.
50 lots
39 occupied.
31 TOH.
8 POH.
Lot rent $295.

Park 2. South Bend, Indiana.
67 lots.
57 occupied.
56 TOH.
1 POH.
Lot rent = $270.

Both parks are on City water and sewer.

Please let me know if you know of any good management companies.

Thank you.

Seems like you’ve got some turn-key parks. Most apt complex property management companies could probably handle the job easily. Have you considered using any local ones?

My experience has been that management companies can cost a bunch of money and cause many issues.