Looking for MHP lawyer in southern Illinois

We need a lawyer specializing in MHP legalities in southern Illinois near Sparta. Most lawyers we have reached out to will not take us on as clients because they are either too busy or don’t specialize in MHP. Does anyone have any referrals?

Southern Illinois is seemingly pretty hostile. The local government in most southern Illinois will not speak to you. The vibe we got was … if you’re out of state, they’re not going to work with you very much. I’ve never seen anything like it. We had the city of Percy, IL, tell us “We will not speak with you.” It’s a slowly dying part of Illinois is the vibe I received. Could be wrong…but some red flags from my research.

I recommend reaching out to Ferd Neiman IV at themobilehomelawyer.com. With his assistance and his team, I was able to purchase a park in Central IL.

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I used a guy Trevor Wiles, he was good. You can email me at mendelspalter@gmail.com for his contact.

Ferd Niemann @TheMHPLawyer is who you want to use. Known him for years and used him many times. Highly recommend.

if you dont have any luck lmk, i have a great atty for IL and IN