Looking for experienced partners

I am looking for experienced partners to purchase multiple parks throughout the U.S. I have a lot of capital and many years of business ownership but little experience in MH Parks. Please contact me if you have interest in partnerships to go after parks in the range from $300K to $3M.


You will easily find lots of experienced people on this forum. Now finding the correct partner could be more challenging. You are entering a market with many institutional quality communities coming up for refinance. There are good deals to be had on the larger communities and obviously Frank and Dave do well with all sizes. I am involved with about 500 spaces in 2 states. The last acquisition was from the 2nd or 3rd largest community owner in the USA and it has turned out to be a fantastic deal. Do you want to leverage $3mil or pay cash?

Rick Ewens

I am looking to leverage as many deals as possible using around $2M cash