Looking for Cheap NEW units

In their course, Scott and Tony talk about setting their high water mark for a land/home rehab or semi-development deal by using the cost of a new small doublewide as a baseline. Has ANYONE had any luck in finding dealers that will do what they talked about - selling a new unit for a small uptick on the wholesale price?

A few weeks ago I drove the lots in our area, talked to lot manager or sales manager, not just flunky salereps. Waived a copy of my bank balance that showed I could pay cash for 2 units min and told them I had lots already lined up and wanted to buy 1 per qtr for next 2 - 3 years. NOT ONE CALLED ME BACK! Very Frustrating.

I’ve tried to google the manufacturer name Tony and Scott talked about and haven’t had any luck on that either.

I’m here in the Triad area of NC, so if anyone has a good dealer relationship in NC, SC or VA, I’d be willing to drive to talk to the dealer.

Or, is there any interest from the group in buying homes like this? I’m willing to do the leg work to research becoming a dealer just to provide this sort of service to the group if there’s a demand. I’m planning on joining the state MH assoc and going to their annual conference just to meet some manufacturer reps directly.

Please let me know if there’s a demand for this service or if someone already has a good relationship others can tag along on.

Thanks, all


We are dealers and are set up with four different manufacturers and would be willing to work a wholesale package out for any park owners looking for new homes. We would need to get cost plus $1000 per floor ( a single is one floor, a double is two) and would be happy to show the real invoice.

Our dealership is in the Greenville, MS area and we are licensed to install homes in MS and AR, although our transport business can deliver anywhere.

If interested call Ron at 909-215-0094 or Gene at 909-910-7399

Raskin Mobile Home Sales & Services, Inc.

3836 Hwy 83 West, Leland, MS 38756

is the manufacturers will not directly compete with dealers in protected territories for sale of mobiles going to private land. They have well publicized MHP programs but they can’t sell even a hundred homes to a L/H operator as this competes unfairly with local dealers.

Your local dealer can sell his homes for any amount he wants. If he has flooring plans, and most do, he needs to derive a fairly healthy profit to keep doors open. I have heard 30-40K as the amt. that must be made each month to keep the doors open. We sell strictly used as and we need 5K per week just to pay the bills…this before even a Big Mac for the owners.

As an aside two things we look for to avoid is people out of state wanting 6 pictures for every home on the lot, and folks showing bank balances. We have never really sold a home to either. 70% of our business is derived from investors and I have NEVER had them flash a financial…they flash a checkbook! Word to the wise, not a criticism. Try a more subtle approach with a local dealer. The name used at Tony and Scott’s Bootcamp was General:





These are lower quality homes with still good resale abilities. Little bit of bling, but mainly big spaces for little money. Trim is done poorly on most homes we have sold (30-40)

Good Luck,


The General homes we purchased were exactly as Greg described. Nice floor plan but at this price you can’t expect high quality. We find that the shower walls will need replacing (essentially comes with wallpaper for water barrier), toilet cutoffs need replacing, etc.

These were initially purchased as flipper properties we were going to develop and sell but due to lack of demand for flipper and high demand for rentals, they became rentals and in short time we found these type of failures. Not too big of a deal to fix but just a heads up on the quality you can expect at that price.


Excellent advice from Greg and Tony. Thanks for the info guys.