Looking for an experied MHP Mentor

Hi, I’m a new/aspiring MHP investor wondering if any experienced MHP investor would be willing to mentor me through these beginning stages. I’m reading lots of material, and will go through Frank and Daves course materials, all while currently working on my first deal that I found off-market. It would be great if there was someone who I could bounce ideas and glean experience from. Thanks so much!


Congrats on getting your first deal! I’d be happy to discuss the deal you’re looking at and JV with you if you’d like to learn as you go. Let me know the best way to reach you if you’d like to talk more.


Congratulations Brandon. You must be very excited. I remember buying my first park and how fired up I was. You should feel very comfortable asking anything on this forum. Great group of people all around from multi millionaire investors to small, get in the dirt, park owners like me. Everyone will help.


Just here to say Congratulations!


I’m no Frank but I did manage MH in WA for almost 10 years. You are welcome to DM me, I consult now in operations and net fill if it can be of help.


Thank you! I’ll message you.

Did you find the help you needed?

@brandon15 how did it go?