Looking for ambitious acquisition partner

I’m looking for somebody to partner who’s able to consistently find good deals. I have capital and management resources. I’m willing to offer equity for the exceptional deals or pay juicy bonuses to make it worth your time. You don’t need funds, but you need to be able to hustle well to find good deals and be interested in a long term partnership.

Please hit my line those who are serious with info about yourself and a phone number - GonzaloBizDev@Gmail.com


I have land deal that is 20 acres near Myrtle Beach. We have a term deal. The owner agreed to out us in the feed

We also have a developer willing to work with us but we have to give him a proposal and a plan
On what we want. We want to build a mobile park
On part of the land. We seen people start small lots in Florida. This is in North Carolina. The land has city water and electric post . We just want to make sure that since is a blanket zone land due to the owner having the land for 40 years . Is platted and recorded