Looking for a new property manger

Hello all,
I’m looking to replace my current property manger. She currently lives in our park rent free. Wondering if anyone had any advice or could help lead me in the right direction for new manger.
Our park is located in the Great Bend, Kansas.

Here’s one piece of free advice that I have always, always found to be true - if you’re thinking about it, it is always, always too late and you had better act ASAP.

To prove this is not a self-fulfilling prophesy, after the manager leaves, you will uncover much more that, had you known, would have made you act sooner.


Brandon speaks truth. Not replacing my first manager soon enough was a huge mistake.


I have found that the podcasts produced by Kevin Bupp and Jefferson Lilly are very useful in buying and owning mobile home parks. There are episodes that address the hiring of a park manager. I’d recommend that you pull up those prior podcasts for review. In my short review of the available podcasts, episode 27 of The Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast and episode 56 of Mobile Home Park Investors Podcast (Lilly and Johnson) would likely be helpful resources for you. There are likely others, including Frank Rolfe’s.

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Brandon thank you for the response, I am currently interviewing licensed property managers. I live out of state from my park.
It was recently revealed to me that my property manager has a drug problem. Also she has had two of our tenants write cashiers checks in her name instead of the park. I also found out that she has tried to evict one of my tenants without my knowledge. When asked about the eviction she declined to know anything. To make things worse, my tenant is disabled who pays rent on time.

Thank you! I listen to Kevin bupp’s podcast, I’ll review those episodes.

If you are pondering removal of the manager, then something is definitely wrong. Starting fresh let’s you reset the standards and retrain to your current processes. Any time we have decided to wait just a little bit longer to see if conditions improve, they never do. Fire quickly and don’t look back. Park management is not a tough job and you can find somebody else quite easily. Look at your tenants first and consider the local neighborhood outside of the park too.