Looking for a MHP to Buy

Hey everyone, still looking for a MHP to buy. Focused on OR, AZ, NV, UT, CO and some parts of TX. 15 to 60 spaces and should be city water and city sewer. Send me an email if you have one to sell at bansbs@aol.com.

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Any specific area size, what about utilities, vacancy rate, POH vs TOH?

15 to 60 spaces. city water/sewer. mostly TO but would look at doing some heavy lifting with POH. Vacancy is more difficult because it all depends why. Poor management or location.

Moderately interested in selling a park in Farmington, NM. 73 licensed spaces. 53 tenants. 24 POH remodeled and rented. 1 more POH ready for occupancy in 2 weeks. Current $24,100 monthly gross. City water/sewer. Tenants reimburse for all utilities. Capex almost $400K since 2019. $40K/lot. Please no brokers - I buy and sell on my own behalf.

I’m not a broker, just looking to make an investment for my family. Sounds like you have a park that has 20 vacancies, 25 POH and 28 TOH. Would like to see the numbers if you can email me at bansbs@aol.com.

$40K on the occupied or total?

Sent you a message on a couple I found. Washington State… may not be in yourr area but thought I would give you a heads up.

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