Looking for a MHP REIT that trades on the stock market

Does anyone know of a good MHP REIT to invest in that is trading on the stock market? I have some cash to invest in my IRA and would love to get some good suggestions.

There are only two, Equity Lifestyle Properties (ELS) and Sun Communities (SUI). Both focus on lifestyle communities in the sunbelt and are around 50/50 MH/RV. ELS has the higher quality portfolio but has a lower dividend than SUI. There’s also UMH, but they are a non-traded REIT.

Other publicly-traded investment companies invest in MHPs, but are not REITs, and are not just MHP investors. Some examples are Tricon (TSE, although I hear their portfolio is on the market), and Colony NorthStar (CLNS).

Hope that helps.

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UMH is best value in this group

Let me know if you have found some, look here as well