Looking for 3rd Party Offsite Management Companies

Our company just start investing in mobile home parks outside of our home state, Arizona. We are looking in Denver, California, Texas, Nevada and Florida. Would anyone be able to recommend a good management companies in these areas?

I would recommend someone who lives in the park as your manager. And do the other stuff yourself.
Professional management company will not have as good insight into what is going on in the park on a daily basis.

Yes, contact Parklane Real Estate Services in Florida. They can help you in Florida and other states as well. Call Lee Meekcoms, Managing Partner @727-458-3882 or email lee@parklaneres.com.

See the website: www.parklaneres.com


My wife and I have purchased managing interests in other people’s mobile home parks in the past. We would be open to managing a park for your company if we can come up with the right agreement together.

In our experience, 3rd party managers don’t watch expenses as closely as we would like. Everyone says not to get a 3rd party manager, but with the right agreement where incentives are aligned I think it’s possible to form a great managing relationship where the manager watches the park as closely as the owners would.

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