Looking at MHPs here in GA, 1960's, 70s, narrow pad spacing, how fill empty pads

Hi Guys,  I bought the MHU 30 day DD product. Great info and stories.  The MHPs here in GA anyway and I hear this is a nationwide problem with these older parks where the pad spacing is narrow and short lots sized for the 60’s-70’s single wides back then.I’m seeing what I call possible maintenance or business neglect in these forsale parks.  But what I might be seeing is simply the park owner (old guys) not having many good choices to fill empty pads or to replace junkers covered in pine straw??Which means I’d be buying a problem business from the start.  Start with 50 lots and as I canabilize 2 lots to put on wider newer home on it and same end result as per pad septics fail I start loosing pads due to failing septic fields.  I could end up with just a 25 paying lots after a while from these 2 problems??tnx curt

You have several different issues here.On the vacant lots, you can find a home to fit any lot that will hold at least a 14’ x 46’ home (that’s about the smallest 2/1 made). But the reality of the industry, since 2000, is that you will have to buy and bring in any home to fill a lot – the dealers sell nothing that goes into parks these days. That means it will cost you $20,000 to $30,000 to fill a single vacant lot. What’s the moral? Don’t buy parks with much vacancy, and don’t ever pay for vacant lots (you’ll need to use your money to fill them).While the electrical needs of newer homes are higher than older, the sewer requirements have not really changed. I’m not sure, given your description, why you would be losing pads to septic failure. But septic has its own problems as a sewer system, and you would have to check it thoroughly out during due diligence. If the septic system is bad, then that might be a deal killer.Both of these issues could be deal killers, or of no material impact. It all depends on current status and what your goals are.

Another discovery is that the county now requires bigger nicer homes put on cinder block skirts. Does this mean avoid these counties?