Looking at buying an MHP in Ohio, connecting water to utility cost?

I am looking at investing in an MHP in Ohio. I am new to MHP ownership and I’m looking at a two options, one park with 100 pads, and one with 200.

Neither are connected to city water, but the existing private water system is aged and needs upgrading. Does anyone have any experience connecting to city water, what meter size I’d need, and most importantly, how much it’ll probably cost?

Many thanks

I know everyone wants city utilities but if you have any significant leaks it will eat you alive in water bill. If you are the water supplier cost of production is so low that leaks are not that painful.

Regarding meter size tap fee jump fast from 2 to 3 to 4 inch. Its all about pressure loss through the meter. A lot depends on the city mainline pressure. If your starting at 80 or 90 psi it is completely different than if mainline pressure is 60 or 70. Peak flow is what matters. Figure peak flow at around 5 gallons per minute per home. 2 inch meter is really desinged for 160 gallons per minute. 3 inch 400 gallons per minute. 4 inch 800 gallons per minute. These numbers should limit pressure loss through meter to 7 psi or so. If every home is taking a shower monday at 3 gallons per minute 200 homes is 600 gpm. Every meter is different consult actual meter pressure loss curves but you get the idea.


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All of the above assumes you dont have fire hydrants. If you have fire hydrants fire flow drives design. Hydrants flow at 800 to 1200 gallons per minute so you will need 6 inch meter and tap at a minimum.

Did you end up buying either of the parks?