Looking 4 lonnie deals-OHIO

Have money want Lonnie deals- lets talk…

like he says “Network and Stay Active” My eyes have been opened tonight on the conference call.

Is the Call going to be but online? Just missed it. GRRRRRRRRRR


Are you in western Ohio anywhere near Ft. Wayne, IN? I have several empty spaces in my park that need to be filled. I will help with moving costs.

TT , We have Lonnie deals currently availabe in KY park. 1996+ ave yr.

No moving or set up. keep in place and make money.

Be in touch,

Private Money Dan


We have Lonnie deals in southern Indiana. 5 homes for $12,000 total and we will finance. Call me or email for details. Some are move in ready, some need fixing up. We have park managers you can talk to about managing them for you. 925-628-9497

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