Lonnie Scruggs

It is a sad day for those of us who started in this business doing Lonnie Deals. Lonnie was a well known investor, speaker and the author of several books on mobile home investing. Lonnie passed away today while mowing his lawn at 82 years old.

Thanks for the post.Did not know he had passed.


The world lost a great man yesterday!

I will never forget the times that I spent off to the side speaking with Lonnie, a more caring giving person you couldn’t have met… Joanne The fire and pride that shown in your eyes when Lonnie was recognized for his achievements was most evident. He will be miss by many and never forgotten by those who’s lives he touched! My best to you and the rest of your family and loved ones.

thank you for posting this. Though I never met Lonnie, in his wake are thousands of people that were inspired by his actions not only in business, but in his way of sharing.

Rest In Peace

Lonnie’s little book Deals on Wheels inspired me as well as thousands of others I’m sure. He seemed like a true champion for the little guy. I am grateful.


Lonnie’s books got me interested in this business. I now have 13 “Lonnie deals” to fund a down payment on a park. Thanks Lonnie!

While many community operators actively dislike Lonnie Dealers, and while the changes in lending law made what Lonnie advocated more difficult, he was someone who led the way for many to make money they otherwise would never have made.

He was a leader. He led many people to dare to take a shot at being great. No one can, and no one should try, to take that away from his legacy. I am certain that many are grieving his passing. He was someone who made a difference.