Lonnie Scruggs Mega Pack

About to pull the trigger on this Lonnie’s Mega Pack ( includes Deals on Wheels, Making Money with Mobile Homes and Taking Mystery out of Money AND special bonus One hour audio of Lonnie teaching about mobile homes and Forms disk used by Lonnie on his deals. ) for $89 plus S/H. However the same package is $269 on LonnieScruggs.net.

What’s the catch or did I really found my first “Lonnie Deal?”

The higher priced one on Lonnie.net is probably the one that includes the 2 books (not the most recent one) and the homestudy/audio course.

The mega pack here as you wrote it includes all 3 books (including the new one) and a tape but not the entire homestudy/audio course.

Just a guess though. I did not check anyfurther than what you wrote.


Ahh I see. Includes the study guide. Thanks for the reply.

Already read DOW borrowed from a friend but I’m excited to read the rest of Lonnie’s books. Ordered the package, hope it comes soon.