Lonnie Deals waiting for you in Tulsa

I have a park in Sapulpa, OK (sw of Tulsa) that has at least 5 unoccupied homes that need to be fixed up and sold. We started with 50 homes, and just don’t have the manpower to get them fixed up fast enough. Can’t seem to find local labor that will stick with the job, so I am willing to sell these to any interested Lonnie dealers. (Homes will stay in the park of course.) We also have a park in Bartlesville (just north of Tulsa) that needs to be filled up, but that one needs to have homes moved in since all homes are occupied. I am willing to help pay moving costs. As a park owner, my objective is to fill the park so Lonnie Dealers are welcome.


I would like to come see what you have available. I currently do Lonnie deals in the Tulsa metro area. Lets talk soon.

You can best reach me at 918-638-9916

Give me a call at 877-346-4276 or local 918-814-8880.

I have lost your phone number…give me a call again @ 877-346-4276 if you still have some empties.

Don Wilson (OK)