Lonnie deals - to rehab or not?

I’m about to start investing in mobile homes, as per Lonnie Scruggs. I know that Lonnie doesn’t do much rehabbing. Is rehabbing necessary in order to find buyers? What type of rehabbing adds the most value?

and the answer is very subjective. Customers will almost NEVER buy homes with roof or floor issues…these have to be repaired.

In my market in sequence:

Paint (and hole patching)


Cabinets (expensive)

Most important and cheapest? a good cleaning with a pine scent cleaner.

Have overseen over 200 rehabs and key? Know when to say when.

I wish I had the money I spent early on on overdoing rehabs…probably the biggest mistake made in this biz.

Lonnie laid out a great “blueprint” for success in this business, try to model your first few on his proven model.

Just my 2 cents,