Lonnie deals in Texas?

I’ve just finished reading Lonnie’s Deals on Wheels and I’m very excited to get started but the state rules I’m finding are pretty restrictive.

From what I’ve gathered off of the state’s manufactured housing division website ( http://www.tdhca.state.tx.us/mh/ ) in order for a lienholder to sell to an individual you must also be registered and licensed as a MH retailer which requires a $50k bond and a $250 20-hour class. The only exemption is if you do 2 deals or less per calendar year.

Also they say that you can then only sell from your licensed location, doesn’t that mean you have to maintain an office or storefront?

P.S. apparently the new rules went into effect Jan 1 2008…

“Because the new law makes it a crime (Class B misdemeanor for first offense and Class A misdemeanor for subsequent convictions) to perform an act that requires a license, without a license, we encourage you to read the law and rules carefully.”

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