Lonnie Deals in Florida

Newbie needs some help with what we need to if someone defaults in Florida. The clerk of the courts just SOLD us an eviction package, but it refers to “renter” and “tenant”. A very nice lady at DMV told us how to pull in the lien if the person defaults. She also said AFTER the person is out of the home. Any Floridians that can offer help? Thanks, Doc & Joy

how this home is titled or deeded and that is the real questions I need answered to give you a correct response.

If you sold on a Sales contract you will need a Writ of Replevin if this is in a Park or on the owners land. you file with Circuit Court and this “repo” will take a few months.

If you sold on L/O there should be language in the contract for “eviction”.

This takes about three weeks. If they have excercised their option, you will need to forclose probably.

If you sold a L/H and they default, you will need a Writ of Replevin for the home and a “foreclosure” packet for the land UNLESS they have RP sticker on the home. Then it is included in “foreclosure” packet.

you will probably need a lawyer to assist you on this first one. Use the legal packet as a template if you need to do again (sigh)

We will gladly pay folks 1K for a deed in lieu of foreclosure release…legal on this can run several times this amount…a poor settlement is better (cheaper) than a good judgement in my area.

I am not an attorney , but these are the facts as i have used 'em and these apply to Marion County Florida.

Good Luck,