Long Double wide haul

I have a question that I am sure has been asked before. There is a couple who can’t sell their double wide where they are at now. Also they want another double wide where they are wanting to live,1,500 miles away. So they want me, the new location court owner, to see what it would cost. I told them it would be very expensive, but they are looking at a huge hit to sell their home now.

So any ideas, about a shot in the dark price? Also your comments on this type of move? Lastly I did look at your list of possible nation wide movers and it looks like a very short list when you go through the movers websites. So do you have a suggestion on a mover?

Thanks for you time and responses. I have been a closet MHP website user for years and really find helpful items there.

PS: I was trying to weigh any advantages to finding a mover here at the final destination or a mover from the starting location.

6 1/2 of 1 half a dozen of another??