LOL Front Door Locks giving me grief!

LOOKING for advice on the best landlord front door security locks for mobile homes. I keep buying new security locks when a tenant moves out for the next tenant and end up paying at least $120 per home ($40 lock + $20 install x 2) each time. Since I am out of town many times either the handyman or my assistant loses the old lock or its parts so I cannot use it on another home.

I’ve read about Schlage and Kwikset interchangeable locks that may work but I do not know if they work for mobile home doors.

My questions are:

  1. has anyone tried Schlage or Kwikest (if yes, model numbers please)?
  2. What locks do you use?

TIA for any solutions as this is one of my biggest problems aside from some newly found gray hairs :slight_smile:

I use Kwikset Smartkey on my rental houses and those are great. Changing keys only takes a minute.

It also helps that they are widely available at stores like Home Depot, etc.


I have a locksmith where my manager can uninstall and deliver the locks to the locksmith and rekey them for $10 each. If you have a mobile locksmith come out you pay for it…the make and model is irrelevant to these guys.


Does anyone know if smart locks are available for manufactured homes? I would rather just reset a code than have locks changed or re-keyed but I can’t find anything online.

Yes, visit local locksmith stores, there you will get many smart locks for the homes.

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Install new key less entry locks to have a better secured home. Ask locksmith to install those locks in your apartment.

These. Highly recommend. It’s very easy. You can even reuse key sets after rotation. Best mix of professional level and DIY.

Locksmith if you’re going to master. They have ones that you can just switch the tumbler, but its still not as easy as the Kwikset Smartkey setup.