Login Problem

Steve or Corey

From Jefferson below

Hello! I hope you’ve been well. I’ve been trying to log-on to mhu.com for several days; I’d like to start a new thread. The log-in is broken. I put in my username and password and click ‘login’ and then I’m just taken back to the login page again (with my username and password filled in). I do not get an error message - only this infinite loop of clicking ‘login’ and the web page then reloads itself.

Please let me know when things get fixed. I’d like to participate in the community.

Many thanks,



Thanks for the heads up, just got back from a trip to the Dominican Republic. Can you have Jefferson send me an email to steve@mobilehomeuniversity.com and I’ll get him back up and running.

I’m curious to hear how the new property is doing? 2010 was pretty much a flat year for me on my properties, but I’m hoping that 2011 is much better.


It started working. I’m logged in now.

Thank you,



I wish I could help you out with a bookkeeper. I have one who just follows up on my QB and Rent Manager entries. Good luck

I hope your investment group is coming together