Loan Scam on MHU

Greetings all,

I’m writing to warn you of a loan scam being run here on MHU. The username is “nolanmiles” and he refers people to a “Brandon Williams”.

I had asked if anyone knew where I might get funding for purchasing MHPs, and @Nolandmiles pointed me to Brandon Williams, stating that he had purchased many moble home parks through Brandon.

I contacted Brandon and for a mere $5k down Brandon would finance $250K for me at 4%. The problem is, I began to suspect by his communication that he was not legitimate. I asked Nolanmiles if he could show me his mobile home parks, and he said he would, but then chose not to.

What is also interesting, is that when I would ask a question of both Nolanmiles on here, and Brandown Williams through email, I would receive an answer from them both the next day, within 5 minutes of each other. Everytime I got a response from them both, it was at nearly the same time of day, Nolan responding on here, and Brandon through email. Almost as if “Brandon Williams” and Nolanmiles are the same person, or at least on the same timezone.

Meanwhile, I found numerous reviews online that stated Brandon Williams was indeed a scam. No less than six reviews stating he was a scam. Both nolanmiles and Brandon Williams explained that to me in exactly the same way, blaming someone else who was scamming people “in Brandon’s name.” And of course, this explanation from nolanmiles and Brandon Williams came to me at the same time, five minutes apart.

It is my belief that this is a loan scam, and I would encourage the administrators to check into it, and possibly remove nolanmiles from this forum. Not that he can’t simply make a new username, but at least he would be warned that scams are not tolerated here, and possibly someone would be saved the hassle of dealing with these thiefs.

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Am sure @brandon_reynolds will be all over this

Of course that’s true, but the purpose of this thread is to reveal a scam going on here.


Yes, that is why I did not invest with “Brandon Wiliams” or his alias on MHU. Due diligence prevented thievery.

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Wow, I saw his name everywhere on this site. Hopefully no one has been burned.

It also hurts the good people in this site legitimately trying to partner up with others on deals


It seems like the majority of his posts were pointing people to “Brandon Williams.” Yes, scams hurt everyone, and hopefully they can be investigated and appropriate action taken.

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Exactly! Yet nobody reported him up to this point, as far as I can tell. We need to be proactive in reporting scams so more people are not hurt.

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You are interacting with robots.

Not sure I understand what you mean that I am interacting robots; both “Brandon Williams” and Noland Miles are real people, they interact and answer personal questions, just that they are running a scam, and I wanted everyone on MHU to be aware of it.

This user has currently been removed and banned based on complaints.