List of Typical Park Expenses

Hi everyone, I am underwriting a new park and instead of applying an expense margin to the park revenue, I am taking a shot at underwriting expenses individually. Below is the list I have so far, anything that I might be missing? Thanks!

Telephone / Cable
Other Utilities
Well Electricity
Well Chemicals
Lawn Mowing
Other Landscaping
Snow Removal
Other R&M
Tree Trimming
Septic Pumping
Septic Repairs
Mgr Salary
Mgr Rent/Utilities
Mgr Cell Phone
Real Estate Taxes
RET Reassessment
Licenses & Permits
Management Fee
Advertising - General
Advertising - New Homes

I realize that I’m probably missing expenses related to park owned homes. I know it’s going to vary widely based on a lot of factors, especially the wording in the lease, but what should I expect to spend per home per month. Assuming utilities are covered by tenant.

Don’t forget accounting and legal fees. Also, at time of purchase, new signage, letter head, business cards, etc. if your changing name or phone numbers.

Travel, don’t forget manager reimbursed for per mile and your own. Selling homes? Need to get licensed, salesperson licensed, continuing education.

Thanks everyone! This is helpful.