Lift Station Cleaning

$3500 to clean out a lift station, including remove all of the debris/trash, hydro-jetting of the inlet and outlet of the lift station as well as the 3 clean outs, ‘pressure washing of traps’, pumping the lift station and removing 2250 gallons of water with trash/debris. I think they do some de-greasing thing too.

The lift station is for a 60 lot park. What do you think about the price? They said it will take 4-6 hours.

That seems really high. We pay less than $1,000, but I think it’s less comprehensive than that. I would get a second quote, especially since this (should be) a recurring expense.

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@Noel_S What was your scope?

One of our communities has two lift stations, and that quote sound really high. Admittedly, we have never had them comprehensively cleaned though. I am curious whether it is even necessary? Did they suggest you clean them out like this, or are you pursuing for other reasons?

It costs us a couple of hundred dollars to have them pumped and serviced in rural PA. I second the recommendation for a second quote.

I hope this helps!

That is a big lift station but would think you should be about half that. We have a 1000 gallon tank for our lift station that gets pumped for $750. The actual pumping takes about 10 minutes but full service is under an hour.

It really sounds like they are offering you the gold plated maintenance plan for a stainless steel product.

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Adding a little more context; There is a lot of debris surrounding the inlet and the outlet. Apparently the flow should be 25 gallons per minute, but it’s 7 gallons per minute because of the debris. Not sure if that’s a sales tactic or what. But the key decision is if we actually need the removal of debris/hydrowashing/de greasing. My guess is yes if indeed it is threatening the flow of the lift station.

The cleaning sounds very high. Lift stations are an ongoing maintenance item and you should be cleaning periodically. I have a hose set up with nozzle wand made from a 6’ long piece of 1/2" copper tubing hammerer almost flat at the end.
You can buy products to clean passively. The floating cleaners sound interesting and I’d like to try some.

A tenant of mine works for the Village and they have 14 lift stations, all high volume. They are checked 7 days a week. Once a week the float switches are removed and cleaned and they toss in a bag of bio stuff, “bio bugs” I think he said.

Mine on the other hand every couple of months I take off the cover, switch on the pumps on manual to suck the contents to the bottom and push scum, crud, rags, diapers to the intake whichever grinder pump I have running. They are amazing. 15 years of tough duty and abuse and still run strong. I

I have owned a park and the lift station has not been completely cleaned out in 25 years, no need for it. I find a lot of these operators are used to big budget Utility districts and try to charge the little guy for unneeded services.

We traditionally used a rooter to clear out sewer back ups but invested in a gas pressure washer with a hose and use that to clean out the pipes ( about $1000 or so). You do not need to buy a professional jetter machine. We clean out all the parks twice a year.

Whatever you do get several quotes.