Lift Station Cleaning

$3500 to clean out a lift station, including remove all of the debris/trash, hydro-jetting of the inlet and outlet of the lift station as well as the 3 clean outs, ‘pressure washing of traps’, pumping the lift station and removing 2250 gallons of water with trash/debris. I think they do some de-greasing thing too.

The lift station is for a 60 lot park. What do you think about the price? They said it will take 4-6 hours.

That seems really high. We pay less than $1,000, but I think it’s less comprehensive than that. I would get a second quote, especially since this (should be) a recurring expense.

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@Noel_S What was your scope?

One of our communities has two lift stations, and that quote sound really high. Admittedly, we have never had them comprehensively cleaned though. I am curious whether it is even necessary? Did they suggest you clean them out like this, or are you pursuing for other reasons?

It costs us a couple of hundred dollars to have them pumped and serviced in rural PA. I second the recommendation for a second quote.

I hope this helps!

That is a big lift station but would think you should be about half that. We have a 1000 gallon tank for our lift station that gets pumped for $750. The actual pumping takes about 10 minutes but full service is under an hour.

It really sounds like they are offering you the gold plated maintenance plan for a stainless steel product.

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Adding a little more context; There is a lot of debris surrounding the inlet and the outlet. Apparently the flow should be 25 gallons per minute, but it’s 7 gallons per minute because of the debris. Not sure if that’s a sales tactic or what. But the key decision is if we actually need the removal of debris/hydrowashing/de greasing. My guess is yes if indeed it is threatening the flow of the lift station.