Liens against MH

OK… I have a few dead beats who aren’t paying their lot rents. Whats the process for putting a lien against the home? I don’t have a copy of their current rental agreements… The states I’m specifically interested in are Alabama and Louisiana.

Ultimately I know they aren’t going to pay. They won’t be able to afford to move the homes. I’m having a tough time getting their finance companies to cooperate…




You will want to send a certified letter to the owner and last known lien holder on title. You can find the lien holder’s information on the state website.

For our parks in Texas we go the state site, the TMHCA. We have to file within 30 days of the person vacation the home in order to be paid by the banks. You must send a certified letter.

You will also need to post a copy of the lien on the door and a window of the home.

Without filing a lien somebody could move the home in the middle of the night and we would have very little recourse.


What if there is no lien holder on the mobile home? Then what do you do?