Liability Insurance on POH

Is it possible to obtain liability (only) insurance on a home that’s not titled in your name?

I own a park in GA and acquired several homes over the years. I paid the “owners” for the homes and obtained a bill of sale, but they were not titled in the seller’s name, so I didn’t receive titles. The prior park owner still had liens against the homes and signed those over to me (so my LLC is listed as the lienholder) but I don’t necessarily know which title is for which home. The owner is recorded as the original park name. Since I have liens, I can transfer titles to my name, but I still won’t know which title is for which home. Further complicating matters, there are back taxes against some of the homes and the County lacks records to identify which home is on which lot. But they insist all back taxes must be paid before allowing the titles to be transferred.

My concern is obtaining liability insurance on the homes. I had been renting some of these homes and thought I had liability insurance through a local company. My policy simply listed the lot numbers which contained homes I was renting. My agent left the company and I was recently told I cannot obtain insurance on a home if it’s not titled in my name. I explained that I could provide a title, but couldn’t prove it was for a specific home. She said if I ever had a claim, they’d need to match the VIN on the data plate to my title. This seemed unusual, since data plates are often missing or painted over, particularly in older homes. I compared it to my personal home and questioned why I couldn’t insure based on a physical location of the home. She said it differs in mobile homes and wasn’t possible. I then spoke with the owner of the company and also with the owner of another local company and both told me the same thing. I can forego insurance on the home, but I won’t risk renting them without liability coverage. I’m wondering if anyone is aware of a way to obtain liability insurance on a home that is not titled in your name and/or if the data plate is missing.

I have General Liability on the property, which I’ve had for almost 10 years. TIA

The Data plate is rarely actually missing.
There is a number stamped on the unit somewhere.
I have purchased insurance for homes with just a bill of Sale, but I have to provide the correct information on the house.

Think of a Mobile Home more like a Car. Do you think a car insurance company will insure “the Car parked in my garage”? No way.
Just giving them a location doesn’t do much.

Typically, a serial number or insignia can be stamped or painted on the front end of the home on the metal frame.

Thanks for your insight. By data plate, I was referring to the paper that’s typically in the master bedroom closet. The homes in question are 40 years old and many have been painted over or removed during remodeling. I was aware that there’s typically a VIN stamped on the frame somewhere, but neither we nor the County have been able to locate/discern the numbers, possibly due to the age of the homes and proximity to the coast (and salt air).

I understand your comparison to a car and it certainly offers a different perspective of thought. But since the homes may not be moved without a permit (and title), any moves would be documented (if a move was even possible, since the titles are in question). I’m not trying to be disagreeable, just provide additional information in hopes of finding a resolution.

No offense taken.

If you can find any numbers for the home then you can order a new Data Plate from IBTS

Check with the LEA that issues installation permits. Sometimes they have numbers on the old permits.
Also, check with the County Assessor’s office. They may have something.

If nothing can be found then you may be SOL, as to get a new title issued you will need the MCO or some form of title.