Letter to tenants from new owner


We’re in the process of buying our first park. Does anyone have an introduction letter to tenants they’d be willing to share?

Thanks so much,


No magic to it. Just write-up something that may talk about any plans you have to improve the park, get tenants on-board and excited about positive changes you will be making. Also distribute the new Rules & Regulations, and Leases (at least to any tenants that have not signed a lease). Even if they do not sign and return the Lease, it becomes effective in 30 days in most states. The new Lease should mention required adherence to the Rules & Regulations. Have an in-state attorney review it all for legality, and/or get standard forms from your States’ Manufactured Housing Association.

Congratulations on your first park!


Just introduce yourself as the new owner, let them know you intend to work toward improvements and, if there are any immediate issues to be addressed, let the residents now of your plans.

If you have a park with problems related to tenants now is a good time to get the word out regarding your intentions to make change. As suggested take the time to thoroughly review the existing rules and add the changes to the rules as you see necessary.

As a new owner you do not need to concern yourself with offending undesirable tenants and need to establish a strong presence from the get go.

If everything is good as it is just let everyone know who you are and assure them it will be business as usual.

If you intend to raise rents now is as good a time as any to drop that shoe as well.

Remember you are not coming in with the intention of being their friend you are operating a business. You are not their first nor will you be their last landlord.