Let Me Help You Make Money! Have Park, Need Lonnie Dealers

Friends -

Thanks to you all for making MHM V such a great event. I’m thrilled to report that the day before MHM V, I closed on my first mobile home park, in large measure due to the friends and colleagues I made at MHM III and IV.

I’d like to help you make money on Lonnie Deals that will fill my property. Mine is a basic 2-star dirt road park outside Oklahoma City in the town of Lexington. We have a total of 88 pads; 46 of which are occupied with average-quality trailers from 5 to 25 years old. That leaves 42 vacancies to fill over the coming years. Rents are reasonable ($125) and we are located in Oklahoma’s fastest growing county (Cleveland County). New construction and ‘help wanted’ signs abound in the area, and the 2-lane country highway we front onto will be expanded to 4 lanes in 2008.

Please give me a call on 650.281.7778 and/or reply back to this posting if you have an interest in doing Lonnie Deals. Mine is a very investor-friendly park and I’ll work to make this a successful venture for us both.




My name is Mike. I am from Oklahoma. I live about an hour southeast of Norman. I am interested in doing some Lonnie Deals. Thank you for your time.

Hey there Jefferson,

So how do you plan to proceed? Do you have a supply of Lonnies in the area to move in to your park? I would prefer deals that are not movers, but you can send me the details.



I am not Jefferson but I know his situation as I went and visited with him at his new park a couple of weeks ago, so I will fill it what I can.

The needs are that there are currently about 20 empty lots in the park with more possible coming available through development. Jefferson needs homes to be moved into the park to fill these lots and prefers lonnie dealers to get it done. There are no park owned homes in the park and only one FSBO that would probably not work for a lonnie deal… so movers are the key. Jefferson is offering some incentives for lonnie dealers moving homes in but I will let him go into those details.

If you need more details contact Jefferson and I am sure he will help you out.


(who is happy to see some other Okies on the board)