Lenders for used homes in park

Does anyone know any lenders other than 21st mortgage that will loan on homes in a park? (Texas)

are the POH owner financed?

Triad and 21st are the only ones I know who will loan to tenant/buyers. Sometimes you can also get a local bank or credit union on board to write those loans for tenant/buyers as well.

As far as lenders for you as the owner of the park, Five Star, Vanderbuilt, and First Bank seem to be the top national lenders who lend on home income if they are used as rentals. None of those lenders will lend on the income if you convert rentals to rent to own.

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

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You can also try.
Triad Financial Services (triadfs.com)

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I have reached out to them and will be giving them a try.

You are welcome.
There is one more source, but I can’t think of their name. If I remember I will send it over.

I know that this lender out of Florida, Gelt, will fund it. https://geltfinancial.com/ but I think their terms are very strict.

Thank you I will look into them.

Triad, Vanderbilt, Performance Equity Partners, Oxford Bank loan on homes, but I do not know their state restrictions.

Thank you I will contact them and ask for details.

Vanderbilt, also various banks.