Legal non-comforming---how can i still operate?

I’m looking at buying my 1st park from owners who started the park 40 years ago. Obviously, mobile Home Park zoning classification didn’t exist when they started the park and the requirements to adhere to the MH zoning are extensive and would require moving a lot of homes in the park, losing lots due to setbacks, etc. The park has some vacant lots as well as some homes needing to be demo’d. What am I legally able to do with a grandfathered non-conforming park and what are I not legally able to do? If new homes are brought in are they required to meet new zoning restrictions? Any info would be greatly appreciated. I am in Alabama if that helps. Thanks!

You can start with calling your local zoning office and seeing what they have to say. That will either give you all the info you need or let you know the battles ahead.


The existing usage dictates what you can do with the lots. If you have 6 inch setbacks between homes on one side today then that would prevail under grandfathering when you move in additional homes on vacant lots.

The big question is does the city agree with this or does your attorney have to help them understand it? Work this out before closing, and if you have to spend more than 500 bucks then the Seller needs to cover it or you back out.