Legacy Housing Park Show - Best Specials of the Year!

This is an open invitation for anyone who would like to come to Legacy Housing’s Park Show in Fort Worth TX at the end of September. Registration instructions are on the flyer but if you have any questions or would like any help with registration, feel free to contact myself (John Gainer at johngainer@legacyhousingltd.com / 817-632-3351) or joeypowell - joeypowell@legacyhousingltd.com - 817-632-3347). This is generally when Legacy runs the best specials of the year and is a great opportunity to tour our factory and see new products!

We hope to see you there and look forward to hearing from you

For anyone interested in joining, Legacy also has room blocks open for reservations at

La Quinta Inn & Suites
4700 North Fwy
Ft Worth, TX 76137
(817) 222-2888

These rooms are available at a discounted rate.

Once RSVP is completed, information regarding rooms should be available.

Special thanks to those are have contacted me and signed up to come visit the show, we can’t wait to see you!


Are you going to have any new models there?

We will! We’ll have about 20 homes including our new Microhouses.

These homes are 12’ and 24’ wide. The sizes and bed/baths are:

12x56 2/1
12x72 3/2
24x64 3/2 with a porch
24x68 4/2

Shoot me an email at johngainer@legacyhousingltd.com if you’re interested and we’ll get you squared away!