Legacy Homes Infill Program

Any thoughts on Legacy Homes Infill program? The good, the bad, and the ugly?

Be careful with Legacy Homes. I bought two houses from them and the floors buckled. They never would fix the problem. The owners are snakes, and as grandpa used to say, if you play with snakes, you’re gonna get bit.

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thanks @Rikkie. I appreciate the info. were they both the same layout?

I replied to another posting regarding Legacy here:

If you want more details, PM me and I’m happy to share them. It was not a good experience and I was extremely disappointing.

If others had a good experience, good for them. I can only speak for myself. If you decide to work with them, proceed with caution.


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No. One was a 16 X 80, the other was a 32 x 56. I had sold the single wide and had to buy it back because the floors were so bad. I still own it (4 years later) and am forced to rent it.


We bought a 16x80 and three 16x 66’s. Lots of problems; the whole process was a train wreck. Will never work with them again. All the homes had the same issues - too many to list here. Just google them and read reviews. You will see the same issues show up again and again. It was the worst decision I made since owning parks.



I bought a batch of homes from them and had a range of issues within a few months. Very poor.