Lease terminology

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We have two homes in our community that are owned by a Lonnie Dealer. He collects the total rent and pays me the lot rent. I think I need to have a lease signed with him. I also want to have a lease signed by his tenants. But then I would have two people obligated to pay me rent. I assume I should just say in the lease with the tenant that they do not owe the rent as long as the lonnie dealer pays. But has anyone dealt with this issue and come up with appropriate wording for two separate leases - one with a Lonnie Dealer, and one with the tenant?

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We put the owner of the home on the lease along with all the adult residents of the home on our Site Rental Agreement. If we don’t get paid we list all the above in default and go for lock out and possession of the home.


As a Lonnie Dealer I have a very similar set up with the park I work in. I collect full amount of money owed to me and then pay the park owner the lot rent. If I don’t collect on time, park owner still gets paid on time (although I have negotiated to pay them on the 15th while collecting on the 1st.) In any event, I have a lease signed with the park owner for each lot I maintain. My tenant/buyers do not sign a lease with the park. They sign a lot lease with me (I sub-lease) but they do sign a copy of the park rules with the park owner.

There is (was) another dealer in this park and they worked out a deal where they did not sign a lease with the park owner but their tenant/buyer did. Tenant/Buyer was then responsible to pay the park the lot rent and pay the LD the difference each month. Too complicated for the buyer to stay on top of IMO.

I guess ultimately whoever is holding the title should be the one that signs the lease with you and is responsible for the lot rent. But all things are negotiable…