Lead on a Florida park to big for myself

Found a potential seller of a park in East Central Florida about 7 miles inland from the beach. Park is too big for me but maybe someone out there would be interested. Below is from owner…

“I have 96 lots and by the end of the year my avg rent will be 410.00.
My regular expenses are about 8k month without debt service”

I told him it was too big a deal for me but I might know some investors that usually purchase at 10 CAP’s if he was interested and he said sure have them contact him. So if your interested just send me you email. I do not have the park under contract and not looking to assign. If someone does buy however, a little something would be nice :slight_smile:

How are you? I am VERY interested in hearing about this 96 pad deal in East Central Florida. Can you please e-mail me or call me anytime… 912-224-1480


We are interested.