Lawn maintenance, average costs, and options

I’ve got a monster 19 acre park with the MHs spaced throughout the park which creates high maintenance costs. The cash flow is high enough that I can pay 1000 a month in mowing but would like to reduce the expense.The previous seller is likely over mowing and mowing areas that probably do not need to be maintained. Is the mowing/weed whacking strictly needed to keep the roads clear, the areas around the pads clean, and the absolutely necessary common areas clear? I’m wondering if I can do some chemical spraying to reduce the workload and costs associated. What do you all usually pay for lawn care? Is that service bid out or do some of you pay people in the park 10 bucks an hour to take care of maintenance?

We typically pay $10/lot for mowing.  The common areas are obviously more to mow, because they are generally larger, but we pay at about the same rate.  For instance, our common area to be mowed is the size of about 12 lots, so we pay $120 to mow that.-jl-

My experience with mobile home parks is there is an enormous supply of cheap, unskilled labor available to you within your customer base.  Lawn mowing is so easy almost anyone can do it.  If you have a huge amount of mowing expenses, it could be worthwhile to find a retiree, teenager, or someone else with extra time on their hands (but still somewhat dependable), and buy them insurance and then pay them an affordable fixed rate to keep the lawns maintained.  Just an idea.  Otherwise I would get bids from outside contractors and go with the cheapest (and then move onto the next if they don’t get the job done well).