Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

Has anyone seen the latest episode of Last Week Tonight? The episode is about mobile homes and Mobile Home University was mentioned. I am not sure if I am allowed to post links, but here is the YouTube link to the show. What do you think about what is being presented?

Other than his language with over 40 years experience in the business (I agree ) John is highlighting an industry that has lost it roots and with AOC it could soon be rent controlled from Washington. That is why RV parks have become VERY welcome (popular) where homes are truly mobile and have choice. When we see newer apartments we see nearby park slums (I will give names of parks if needed). Like I keep saying MR. BUFFET is a wiz and why he needs to charge +10% is just business. Why are parks loaded with POH’s or rentals; that never was the market for MHP,s 30 years ago but tenants are not bringing in NEW HOMES WHY??? Some of the large owners of parks have done a real negative job for the industry–selling classes on how to invest when presently there are over 10 buyers for every park for sale and the parks being pushed are less than 75 spaces or parks they do not want to own. We love to operate just one or two parks and have owned more than 3 but why do we need to be greedy (VERY BAD WORD). Sometimes dealing with people’s necessities is much different than having large corporations like Lowe’s or Home Depot selling products. We are dealing with real people and just jacking up rent because we can–be very careful!!!