Las Vegas Conference

Hello Everyone,

I am a new investor moving from MF space into MHP space. Going to bootcamp in New Orleans, currently networking with brokers to buy a park ( 40-100 space) in IN, IL, WI, MI

Wanted to ask is it worth to go LAs Vegas conference in April? To get more networking or it’s only Big Fish event :slight_smile: ?

Thanks, Ben

Not a big fish event. Would be a good networking event, but could be a bit overwhelming. I would wait till next year, focus on getting your first deal, but it wouldn’t hurt to go


Thanks for the answer. The idea would be to go and reach out to brokers, for the smaller (between the crack deals :slight_smile:


Ive never been but it seems like the MH events are really a great place to meet other people , sometimes benefiting you in ways you might not expect. If I’m not mistaken, the Frank and Dave partnership stemmed from a meeting from one of these MH industry events…

If you are referring to the MHI Congress and Expo, here are some things to consider:

This is the largest attended event that MHI puts on so there will be more people there than at other events they offer over the course of a year. (This is an event of long standing originally started by Gub Mix many years ago.)

Many of the most valuable reasons to attend are held outside of the event itself and are usually by invitation only. (It would help if you could make friends prior to the event with someone who would be getting these invitations so they could get you in.)

From a community owner’s point of view, the day before (NCC Spring Forum) the main event is also very important. Unfortunately, you have to pay extra for it and cannot sign up for it separately.

There are going to be different opinions on this. I have been to all of them since their inception, and in fact have frequently been one of their speakers. Frank on the other hand, who has also attended some of them, seems to hold them in low regard.

There are other national events that MHI is not involved in that also have value.

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