Landlord advice: Hot tub?

L/H tenant of four months calls me and asks if he can pour a slab to

install a hot tub.

This is a good tenant, solid family, great screening, great short

history so far. The property is fenced, and I am insured for liability.

As I think about this, I really don’t see anything that would hurt;

completely his risk and expense, using licensed contractors for the

cement and the electrical . . . the only issue is that it is a double-

wide manufactured home, pit set and backfilled against plywood

skirting, and placement of the slab is to be close to the house.

Backfill was in March, so there could a concern for possible settling

that would affect his slab, and his water tonnage.

Placement location of the slab is acceptable, and if/when they

eventually move out, he offered to remove it, or let it stay (BBQ

patio - perfect!)

Shoot holes in this please.

I love to see new folks take pride in ownership and add sheds, slabs,garages, landscaping. They are making a mobile on land their home and will probably be there for awhile.

One concern is if they ever decide to screen this in or place a roof over it, is be careful about attaching to the mobile home. If the slab does settle, it could affect your mobile roofline where they attach ledger for rafters.

Another use of slabs if they ever do vacate is to place walls and roof and make this the laundry room. This takes one of the water leak sources(and torn lino) outside the home, which is always welcome. We are looking at a 26 space Park where every unit has this laundry shed outside…I love it and it makes moving washers and dryers a snap.

Sounds like a good owner to me Steve, does he have relatives in Florida?