Land/Home areas

In my area, SE Indiana, they allow MHs on land outside of standard parks. How do I handle looking for parks in this type of area? Nearby there is a community that had a bunch of small lakes they developed into a MH community, not really a park, but not separate land/home deals either, although everyone owns the homes and the lots, they pay some sort of cost to live there.

If you look around though, there are plenty of MHs on anywhere from small lots to many acres.

Land/home packages can compete quite favorably with MHPs. Thus, if you may have a lot more competition in an area where there is a lot of land/home. Your test ad will tell all. Make it for about $2,000 down and $500 - $600/month depending on your market. If you get >20 responses/week, you are likely to do well with the property. If you don’t then walk away.

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