Lagoon Septic System - Costs?

Hello All,

I’m looking at another park that has a brand new septic lagoon system.

Can anyone give me a rough estimate for the maintenance costs of a system like this. I’ve done a little research and it seems pretty straight forward.

Also, is there a typical service charge for maintaining an onsite well?

Thanks in advance.

Rick, my park has a 3 cell lagoon system. In Missouri, State Dept. of Natural Resources is the regulatory body for such issues. $3000 annual permit renewal fee, quarterly discharge testing (paid by me to engineering/testing company costs $75 per quarter- results forwarded on to DNR). On the water side; $200 annual fee for well, $200 fee for distribution, $200 annual fee for primacy(that is the tanks and piping between well and distribution lines. Additionally monthly water quality samples are collected by me at random residences and mailed to DNR for testing. Before I built this park, designs for waste water and well systems were submited to DNR for their approval, once they were completed DNR inpected them to verify that they were constructed as per design approval. I have never had any issues or problems $0 cost to maintain lagoons (outside of mowing and fence repair)and I really don’t believe I ever will -the system relies on gravity, wind, and sunlight to purify discharge water. All of the permits are simply taxes and provide jobs for bureaucrats. As for the water system, the pump is big and expensive to replace - I had lightining damage once cost $40,000 to replace (insured) electric supply is the ongoing expense $300 month. There are companies that will do all of your filings for you, if you are going to have a manager they would be able to handle these duties. Each state has different proceedures, what I would look for is that state issued permit, engineers seal, talk with local civil engineer/testing companies to find what types systems are most effective in that area. Unpermited (no matter how well they function)systems are risky.

Thanks Shawn. Great info.

This is a single cell lagoon system.

Are there no costs associated with the pumping station/septic tank?

I really appreciate the help. I’ll obviously contact the local authorities to find the specific charges, but this at least gives me a ball park figure to work into my initial projections.

PS It was nice meeting you at MOM. I look forward to staying in touch.