Kitchen Cabinets

Starting a rehab on a older single wide and was interested if anyone had any advice on buying new kitchen cabinets.

Thanks, Sam

check craigs list or your local habitat for humanity “restore” for used cabinets…put the word out to any home remodelers in your area that you buy used stuff for refurbs …tell them you will do the demo yourself for a discount…you would be shocked at what gets pulled out of home just to be replaced with a different finish or style

I used stock cabinets from Lowes for a rehab once and for the price, they are not very durable although the cabinets I once bought from Home Depot that were modular held up much better and cost about the same…and are easier to put together that anything I ever got from IKE

Scoll2, understand that the cabinets in your MH were built in place, and now you are attempting to put in a pre-made square cabinet. When you build cabs in place- it doesn’t matter much (within reason) if the room is square or not. So, understand that the kitchen probably is out of square- you will have gaps - especially if cabs and c-tops go to a wall corner.

If you have any structure left of your old cabs- you are better off to rebuild and paint- you can replace cabinet doors and drawers where needed.

I have hired a carpenter to build new cabs in place and that worked out better and cheaper than a new pre-made set.