Keeping poachers out of park

Is anyone using rights of first refusal and related signage in your parks to deter buyers from taking homes out of the park? Any good language for lease provision and sign verbiage? Also, any other ideas?

You need to check with your state regulations as to your legal right of first refusal before you can use it.
You should also have in your community rules that all home tongs must be removed which will somewhat put poachers off.

Why the term poachers??? You own the park you do not own the tenants rights to sell who they choice too outside of your park. Home owners have rights and if your are having that problems you might need to check on how you are operating. We have had 6 residents move into one of our parks in the last two months from one parks for some very interesting reasons and now that park is offering $500 for their present tenants to have friends bring in new homes but refuse to move out old junk homes since with an empty site–no money. Start listening to your residents and perhaps you will find the problem(s). Well we just decided to offer $750 plus it need not be a new but less than 10 years old–just good American completion. . Really giving new tenants 6 months free rent or more can be a good incentive. We are even toying with giving a new home owners a $2,000 rebate since if the park owner spends time looking for a home, then has it moved, skirted, decks built that cost more money plus the time it takes to sell it to have cash flow. Try to remember the homes in the parks are called “MOBILE HOMES”. We are presently adding 15 new sites and will fill in less than 2 years with residents bring in home. Removing tongues are not a big deal sign most undercarriages are built by no more than 2 companies plus our movers have axles, wheels for any mobile made–that how they make a living.

Poaching is of course not the appropriate terminology. The definition of poaching is a illegal act and of course the business practice of encouraging home owners to move their home from one community to another is not illegal. It is simply good business practice. All business is competitive and any action resulting in customers changing loyalties has both winners and losers. It’s just business.