Kansas park with no C.O

I currently have a 36 unit park under contract in the central Kansas area and there doesn’t seem to be a certificate of occupancy or annual license however the community is not down on the mobile home parks so I have requested A certificate of zoning but I’m not sure if anything will come of it.
When I called the Kansas mobile home Association, they said it’s not uncommon in smaller communities to not have some of this documentation.
The Park is non-conforming and verbally legal so I am just trying to get some documentation for some sort of protection.

Has anybody else encountered this in the Kansas area? I’m trying to avoid problems in case I want to sell in a couple years.

I had this happen during diligence on a Park outside Kansas City too. Was able to get an e-mail from the Zoning Manager confirming the property was non-conforming and no issues moving homes in and out of the Park. This was a small town and they don’t issue Certificates of Zoning. My plan was to have it notarized and filed with the County Clerk, along with the zoning map, zoning ordinances, etc. But the Park was a pile of crap and seller wouldn’t negotiate so stepped away.

It seems like the best answer when formal certificates aren’t issued is to just talk to everyone with the city, county, MHA, etc. to get comfortable and get as much documentation as you can so that if it ever comes up you have a good case.

Thanks @jhutson,
I spoke with the zoning department and they are going to get me whatever information they have on file for it and or write me a letter saying that it is legal nonconforming as of this date and then I will check into Filing it as you have said

It’s obviously not in the city ordinance that it is required to have such documentation but I will scour it and doublecheck