Just starting with MH

I just found this website and a link to this forum today. I feel like I hit the jackpot in Vegas! There are so many questions asked that I have had myself, and all the great answers that I have read this forum for a couple of hours so far.

My fiance and I got started in real estate investing about a year ago, and bought a couple of houses and rehabbed one of them. During that time we decided to down size where we were living and bought a used mobile home in a really nice park. Then it hit us.We should invest in mobile homes.

We are in Tennessee and I was wondering if anyone in the forum had any parks or dealings in Tennessee, especially the East Tennessee area? We are also close to the Smoky Mountains and does anyone have pros or cons on doing vcation rentals with mobile homes?

I am looking forward to reading everyones comments.


Perry Kirk

Kirk Family Properties LLC